Webinar: A new geophysical exploration technology- seismic wave frequency resonance technology (SFRT)

A new geophysical exploration technology-seismic wave frequency resonance technology (SFRT)

Speaker: Dr. Xue Aimin
Main research area: Seismoelectrical method
Time: 10. July 2020 9:00-11:00



Changchun College of Geology                 Bachelor and Master

Nanjing University                                     Doctor

Changchun College of Geology                 Teaching assistant, lecturer

Institute of Geophysics, Chinese 
Academy of Sciences                                  Researcher

TU Clausthal, University of Texas              visiting researcher

Geophysics Company                                 Researcher

Beijing Petrosound Technology Co., Ltd.  President



The elastic wave frequency resonance exploration technology is a new seismic exploration technology developed in the past two years. Its basic principle applies the theory that the elastic wave is affected by the self-excited frequency of the solid medium when the elastic wave passes through the medium to amplify the vibration amplitude. The elastic wave wave impedance is extracted from it information. This exploration technology belongs to the frequency domain seismic exploration category. In most cases, it can use the earth's natural noise for exploration. It has the characteristics of directly revealing geological properties, high exploration accuracy, simple and practical, and safe and environmental protection. The technology has been widely used in urban geology, municipal engineering, disaster geology, geothermal field geology, coal field geology, metal mine geology, and shale gas geological exploration, ranging from shallow to tens of centimeters and deep to thousands of exploration examples It proves that the technology has good exploration effect and has wide application space and development potential.

Webinar Link: meeting.tencent.com/s/fcqLBiBF0cyN