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Foto: Wentao Feng

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports the setup of the China Competence Center at the Clausthal University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as CUT) from 1st March 2018.


The proposed project aims at:

  • Improving the intercultural competence.
  • Acquiring personal experience about China.
  • Increasing the potential for German participation. 
  • Enhancing the network countrywide.
  • Establishing intensive and long-term cooperation between the CUT and China.

The overall target comprises all students, scientists and professors across all study disciplines at the CUT.

The area of responsibility of the China Competence Center includes:

  • Planning and organization of events, seminars and lectures about China.
  • Offering various mobility programmes to China with advisory services, e. g. on visa procedures.
  • Cooperation with internal partners, such as university faculties and institutions, and with external partners, such as Chinese/German partner universities, companies and associations.
  • Expansion of existing cooperation with Chinese partners in the fields of education and research.
  • Public relations through newsletters, e-mails, press articles and social media.



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